September 27, 2016

ADHD Child SSI claim

Ii just got custody of my nephew from cps and he has been in residential treatment centers in fort worth, we had him tested thru the school system and discovered that he is emotional disturbed and has adhd and boplar disorder2 and also has obsessive defiant disorder we also learned that we had to put him in special education classes because of an issue that he was acting out inappropriately in class(taking his clothes off in front of the other students in the class) The school system suggested that we try to apply for benefits. He is only five years old.

Jonathan Ginsberg responds: Child SSi claims are different than adult disability claims and different rules apply. Generally, to win a child SSi case, you have to show that the child meets a “listing.” Click on the link to view the listing most closely related to ADHD. As you might imagine ADD and ADHD diagnoses are commonly seen in Social Security courtrooms and judges are very concerned that some parents are too quick to label their children as ADHD or ADD. As such it has been my observation that you will need a treatment history and support from a treating psychiatrist or psychologist. You can learn more about the child SSI process by requesting the free report available on the web site for my child SSi disability guide.


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Jonathan Ginsberg represents Social Security disability claimants in Georgia. In practice for over 29 years, Jonathan publishes a widely known disability blog, a podcast and several disability web sites. In 2004, Jonathan published a "how to" book about Social Security disability called the Disability Answer Guide. Jonathan lives with his wife and 2 children in Atlanta.