September 25, 2016

What are the Responsibilities of a Representative Payee

Sometimes Social Security judges award benefits but require that benefit payments go to a “representative payee.”   The judge may do this if the claimant is a child, is legally incompetant,  suffers from mental health or medical problems that would make it difficult for the claimant to manage money or in cases where the claimant requests a payee.

Representative payees assume a great deal of responsibility.  They are responsible for handing the claimant’s money and for filing periodic reports with the Social Security Administration.   I have seen at least one case in which the rep payee was sued by Social Security because of an overpayment – the claimant went back to work and lost eligibility for benefits but Social Security did not find out for several years.

It has also been my observation that claimants often become angry with their representative payees when the payee refuses to allocate money for an item or service that the claimant deems necessary but the payee does not.   If you are thinking about serving as a representative payee I advise you to research and carefully consider the obligations of this position.

I recently received a question from a prospective payee named Celeste that touches on some of the issues faced by rep payees:

My friend just recently won her disability case, but the judge said she had to have a payee, which is me. I have a few questions that I would like for you to answer for me if you don’t mind.

When we went to her appointment at the SS office to get her benefits started we were told that her disability check would be about $365 a month, plus she’d get regular Social Security for about the same amount.  She lives with her brother & his wife & has for quite some time and was hoping to move out on her own. If she did move out and had to take on all the bills herself is it possible that her benefits would go up? I understand her wanting to be on her own, but my fear is that she can’t survive on what she’s getting right now.

Also, she’s getting back money because she’s been considered disabled since June 2006. She has loan agreements with some people where she lived with them in the past and social security is paying them back. I understand that, but what I don’t understand is her attorney still has to get paid too (25%), but what I’m not sure of is how he’ll get paid. Does SS send him a check? Am I supposed to take 25% of the “loan payment” money & pay the attorney? I’m just a little confused about the whole thing. Can you help explain it to me, please?

Here are my thoughts:

1.  What happens when the claimant moves out on her own? It appears from Celeste’s email that her friend has been approved for both SSDI and SSI and that her friend is receiving both.  As you may know from reading this blog, SSI payments are set by statute.  For 20o9 an individual can receive a maximum of $674 from SSI.  SSDI is based on a claimant’s earnings record.   I am going to assume that the award is for $365 for SSI and around $365 for SSDI, which makes a total of $730.

SSI payments are reduced per a complicated set of rules called the “deeming” rules.  Social Security assigns a “value” for room and board provided by friends or family and reduces SSI accordingly.

If this was an SSI only case and the claimant was receiving only $365 because of the deeming rules, and the claimant then moved out, the SSI could increase to reflect the loss of the room and board.

In this case, however, it appears that the SSI and SSDI together (totaling approx. $730) generate a payment that is higher than the SSI maximum benefit amount.  Thus, from the limited information I am seeing here, I don’t know that the claimant would receive any more in her monthly benefit if she moved out and lived on her own.

2. Loan agreements I am not sure what Celeste means when she states that “Social Security” will be repaying the claimant’s former landlords.  Agreements to repay can be used to reduce the offsets to SSI but Social Security does not issue checks to anyone.  Also, an agreement to repay does not mean that the claimant has to repay her creditors immediately or at any particular time.   This is one of those areas where the rep payee needs to be very careful because repaying old creditors may not be the best use of the claimant’s money.

3. Attorney’s fees – most attorneys request direct payment from Social Security and file necessary paperwork so that they will be paid directly from SSA.  Celeste and the claimant should confirm this with the attorney – if there is no direct pay, Celeste should pay the attorney from the lump sum.  The attorney is not entitled to 25% of on-going benefits however.

I would advise Celeste to schedule a meeting with her friend’s disability lawyer to discuss these issues.  Obviously my observations are intended to be general as I do not have all of the facts or paperwork in front of me.

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Jonathan Ginsberg represents Social Security disability claimants in Georgia. In practice for over 29 years, Jonathan publishes a widely known disability blog, a podcast and several disability web sites. In 2004, Jonathan published a "how to" book about Social Security disability called the Disability Answer Guide. Jonathan lives with his wife and 2 children in Atlanta.


  1. I am payee for a mentally disabled person. I had been taking care of him for appoximently 12 months prior to becoming his payee. His previous payee kept all the money and refused to pay for his care. Out of concern and kindness I provided him with shelter, food, hygiene products, and transportation. I submitted several verbal complaints, afidavits and letters of complaint to SSA no changes were made until July, 2009. Since then I am payee and able to charge him rent plus utilities.

    Our written agreement is that he is to pay his rent no later than the 5th of each month or a $2.00 fee will be accessed for each day it is late until payment is received. In short his payee still didn’t pay and caused him to be late. Once I received enough money to pay the two months of late fee charges I was able to pay the rent due for May and June. Prior to these 2 months I did not charge him anything. Therefore I suspended the ongoing late fee assesment immediately. The issued disability was just enough to pay the rent. He still owes me for the late fees.

    This is the problem and concern. The claiment moved out of my house on August 20, 2009. He stored his personal belongings in my garage against my wishes. I am charging him $10.00 daily for storage. I notified SSA of him leaving. I also do not want to continue trying to help him or rent to him because of crimes commtted against me by the claiment (sexual harrassment; stalking me during the night; threatening to burn the house down; verbal attacks in public; terrifying the children; lack of respect and consideration for other family members; attempting to rape me while I’m sleeping; and the list goes on.

    I submitted a letter to the social security administration and tenred my resignation as payee and requested to take effect on September 5, 2009. I plan to pay some of his late fees to me and his portion of the electric bill which he has never contributed towards in the last several months. Our agreement took place in March of 2009 and a noterized written agreement of submitted to SSA April of 2009.

    Please advise me as to weather or not you feel there is any issues with me paying the money towards late fees and utilities. I refuse to rent to him again. For financial reasons I currently am unable to issue an ivication notice. Since he moved out on his own I welcomed the opportunity not to let him return. This has been going off and on since June of 2008. Please advise. Thank you for your attention in this matter.


  2. my husband has just received his disablitity about 6 months ago. my son is getting a check from this and has received a good size back pay also. he is 17 so ss made his father his payee which is confusing as they have not given my husband his own back pay yet as they are trying to determine if he needs a payee. Anyway my husband is constantly getting into my sons money claiming that since is comes from his disability it is also for him. i dont think this is right can you advise me. so far he has bought my son a car and 4wheeler but has put them in his own name. and has spent about 4,000.00 on things for himself.

  3. Christine Morris says:

    I am the payee for my minor son who is receiving SSI from his Father’s disabilty claim. We are receiving the “Family Max”. Does this relinquish my son’s father from paying me child support.

    Thank you

  4. I have recently won my ALJ appeal and will begin receiving
    monthly SSD next month. The ALJ did not require me to have a payee.

    My landlord, however, claims to have a policy requiring all residents on SSD/SSI to have a representative payee. Currently I am trying, through local tenant rights laws, to convince the municipal court to prevent my landlord from using my “no payee” status as a rationale to evict me.

    Payees should know that some landlords try to use the representative payee system as a de facto receivables departmentl. If a ssd/ssi recipient approaches you and says his or her landlord requires that they have a payee,
    please check with the hearing office as to whether ssa
    requires the person to have a payee.

  5. hi i am 17 i have been on disability since i was twelve i have a few questions. 1 my parents give me no money from it, nor do they allow me to do extra curricular activites with the money, archery, tae kon do art sculpting etc, is this legal of them? 2 they frequently use the money for the truck payement on a truck that is not neccasary nor running, they dont keep track of the money nor do they keep recepts. is that legal? 3 they wont let me work because it cancels the disability yet they give me no money from it, am i entitled to some money also can i turn them in or set up a confrence or court date to stop the ssi income since i am capable of working desire wirk and get no benifit from the check??? please i ask for your time soon cause i have to pay for damages and court costtts and cannot accuire work nor income fromm ssi to do so and i will be in comptemt thank you very much

  6. My mother is my representative payee. The problem is she is more incompetent with money than I am and is a pathological liar. My diagnoses was false at the time as well. They had mistaken autism with ptsd. I was homeless for the first four years of my lovely journey into the SS world. Ever since She signed me up it has been impossible to get a job, apply for a lease at an apartment, improve my credit score and have social life. I honestly am thinking about going off the grid and becoming an ex-patriot, this whole situation has been ass backwards for me and I would rather die of starvation.

  7. Cynthia Midgett says:

    I am with First Bank in Wichita Falls, TX. We have Representative Payee account and the claimant has passed away. May the Representative Payee pay property taxes with the funds in the RPayee account. The property taxes are those for the claimant. We will look forward to hearing from you.

    Thank you,
    Cynthia Midgett
    Vice President
    First Bank

  8. Michelle says:

    What do i do if i know some one is reciveing s.s disabilty benifits and working under the table with his parents .And using the s.s money for eleagal drugs and liquior?

  9. Michelle says:

    @Christine Morris: You can still get child support from your ex .Contact the attorney genral. Im a single mom i know how hard it is.

  10. nickyann says:

    I took my brother in and we got ssi for him. They gave him $675 and i am his payee he no longer is on ssi but they are paying what they owe him. He now moved out of state and we split the money in half is this illegal? I did not think it was because it is owed to him.

  11. My husband is representative payee for my 20 year old daughter’s SSDI. She has been deemed mentally disabled. She is no longer living at home and is not cooperative with us. We would like to no longer be representative payee. What do we need to do?

  12. Angel P says:

    I was wondering, My late fiancée was approved for back pay through SSI and they are supposed to give him one more settlement, They are saying its from 09-10 and he just passed away this Febuary. His mom was his representative payee and she paid his medical bills and was counting on his back pay to be able to pay off the loans from those bills. Since it was already owed to him shouldn’t we still get it even though he has passed away?

  13. @jessie:

    My daughter went on SSI in high school. after school, we found a small group that prepared her for a job, went to the interview with her and got her a job and stayed with her for 2 months to make sure she learned the job. They did not charge her anything and picked her up everyay. However, once she was on her own, we, her parents, have to provide transportation since no buses run in our area. She has had her job 3 years.

    get online and fnd someone to guide you. you can earn your own money. she keeps all her checks from her job and can earn $1000 per month gross. call ssi and check for yourself. in PA, it’s called RIGHT TO WORK, and it doesn’t affect her check. good luck!

  14. Barbara Horn says:

    Iam 80 years old and have been a payee for my grandson and his wife for 5 years,They have been trying to find another payee with no luck.I heard recently thaat people without a payee can still receive the money,Social security would set up a controled bank acount for them,is it true?

  15. what is all of the payee suspose to do i know thay are suspose to mack sure your bills and rent are payed are thay suspose to mack sure that you have your personal higine items ?

  16. @bren: Where I live it’s a good way to lose your benefits and be sent a large bill for overpayments. I have seen it happen.

  17. I am currently living with a SSI recipient and she has a payee. We are both listed on the lease and she refuses to pay her part of the rent. Is her payee not responsible for seeing that her rent gets paid due to the fact it is a legal and binding contract?

  18. my dad recently was approved d
    for disibility but my mom says the paper says something about they recommend a payee, my dad wont show me the paper because he does not want a payee but truely needs one. Does this mean he has to get one? how can i notify his lawyer to tell him he needs one without my dad finding out and getting mad at me? his apt is monday I need a answer soon please

  19. Sara, if the judge orders a payee, Social Security will require one before releasing money. The lawyer’s obligation is to your father. This may be a situation where a trusted family member or clergy person could help.

  20. Roxene, I think that the payee should be making those rent payments. Have you spoken to the payee directly?

  21. Solomon says:

    Hi, I’ve recently been approved and my mother is my payee. I’m 27 and temporarily living with her. After having allotted money to pay for rent, food, etc. there is about a $450 remainder. Is it acceptable for her to give me what you could call an “allowance”? I would like to save at least $200 of the remainder, but I’m wondering if it is OK for me to have some funds on my person.

    If I’m with friends and I we stop at a gas station, it seems stupid that she’d have to give me the money and keep the receipt. I’m just wondering if there could be a monthly portion allotted to me for “personal use” or something… That way I could have a bit of cash n my pocket. She is telling me that every. single. receipt. has to be documented and stored because she (quote) is liable for anything that may happen because her name is on the account. I have to make sure every single cent is spent properly…”

    Is she being overly-cautious or is she correct? Does the government expect me to save all my receipts from the occasional visit to IHOP or sometime grabbing a soda from 7-11?

    If she *is* just being overly-cautious, who can I have her speak to in order to help her “loosen up”? Please know that I’m not wanting her to loosen her restrictions in some sort of attempt to be able to spend more, I just know that she is feeling stressed out by the idea of having to keep track of all these things…

    Please help?

  22. Ok my mom used to be my payee but she is not now and i want to move out of the house but everytime i even talk about it she threatens me with her calling and getting herself back as my payee can she? thanks Aloha…

  23. I believe that Social Security decides who will serve as the payee. I am assuming that someone else is now – I don’t think that your mom can change that – only someone at SSA can.

  24. Solomon, I think that the questions you are asking need to be discussed with the person at your local Social Security office who is responsible for representative payees. It sounds like your mom would need to hear from a person in authority and she is wise to protect herself since a rep payee can get into trouble if the funds are not used for their intended purpose.

  25. Missing Person says:

    Hi,I am currently on a government assited program where as to it pays my rent.I am also a rep payee for my kids father.They receive an income through him.Can my housing facility count that as my income and evict me?

  26. Hi i am 24 and live with my sister and nephew both of which are on disability. My sister receives her own checks but my nephew and I have a representative payee. It used to be my mother until she passed away and it was then given to my uncle.

    She gave him power of attorney over her will he won’t let us see the will so we don’t even know who has custody of my nephew he also takes things from the house claiming my mother left them to him but won’t show us proof. My mom had guardianship of my nephew before her death and we have no idea if she left that to my uncle in her will or not.

    He switched our checks over to his bank and will not tell us how much we get or even see his check books. We have trouble getting any money from him even for bills and food and have had some of our utilities cut off before he would give us the money to pay them. He handed me $50 the first month to pay for personal items i needed i needed a new winter coat that was for the entire month, he said that he would have to find time to go get me a coat insisting that he had to be there when i bought it or anything else or his wife needed to be there i never did get a coat either. Since then he has not given me money for myself and reluctantly gives my sister the money for food and bills again not letting her see how much we have. We needed a new lawn mower and it took him months to get the money to buy us one he also took months to give us the money to buy a camera. He claims that he is putting money back in a separate account that we have yet to see anything about. I don’t even know how much i get a month the one time we got a bank statement there was over $100 sitting in the account that he claimed had nothing in it.

    When my sister asked if she could be our representative payee he gets defensive and said that she will either loose her benefits or get less if she was the representative payee never-mind that SSI knows she lives with us so that anything we get is known to them already. So is this even true would it really hurt her benefits if she became representative payee for us? We have a lot of trouble getting him to come over to give us money he is always “too busy” to bother with it.

    Can he legally do this my sister has had to buy me shampoo and toiletries for the past few months and i haven’t been able to buy any personal items since he will not give us any money for it. And if he does i have to tell him exactly what i want and he insists he has to go to the store with us when we get it.

    He took several things from the house claiming that my mother left them to him in the will but won’t let us see said will. We don’t have the money for an attorney nor would we know how to go about doing that what can we do?

    He also owns half of the house and takes money out of my account to pay that half off i don’t know how much i owe or how much he is taking. My mother told me before she passed away that her insurance money was to pay off the car and the house well the car is payed off but he claims i sill owe a lot on the house. Well we don’t know how much insurance money she got, how much i am paying on the house, or how much i owe he refuses to tell us and either changes the subject or gets defensive claiming we think he is the bad guy when he is only looking our for us and that mom left him in a bad position by leaving the insurance money to him which runs up his taxes.. Well when he does all this and treats us like we are mentally retarded 2 year olds yeah i think he is the bad buy.

    We have no idea how to go about getting an attorney nor could we pay for one, my sister and i are people who hate conflict so we just don’t know what to do but my sister is always stressing trying to get the bills payed and us fed while not having enough money to do so. What can we do?

  27. April Stroud says:

    I am the payee of someone. If he was to pass away would I be responable for the rest of his bills and/or funeral sence I am over his money?

  28. April, I don’t feel comfortable answer questions about a payee’s legal obligations. I would call SSA directly about this issue. Sorry I can’t be more help.

  29. Audrina says:

    Some time ago my brother passed away and left behind a son. My nephews mother is mentally disable and could not care for him so her parents took custody of him and has been receiving his survivors benefits. He has moved out and moved in with me and has been living here for 11 months and will continue to live here for the last 2 years of high school. Since I am not a legal guardian for him can I receive his benefits to help provide for him? For the past 11 months his grandparents have been keeping the money and refuse to help with anything finacially for him.

  30. Joy Carson says:

    I receive SSA and SSI Since 2002. My son has a mental illness and started getting SSA and SSI around 2004. His sisters were great in trying to keep him with shelter. One became his Representative. Payee I got Power of Attorney for him in order for the hospitals to even let me know when he was their. They would only keep him three days at a time. Once they let him out and then picked him back up after about two hours. Anyway house when he was walking down the street with no shoes on and yelling out loud someone called the police, a SWAT TEAM surrounded her house. He went to stay with the other sister she was a nerves wreck and he didn’t want to stay with me and his dad however I became his Payee.

    In between Mental hospitals and jails he needed a home. After the first pick up and he resisted they stopped treating him like a mental patient in crisis but a criminal. He once said to me that in those places they treat you like an animal and after awhile you start to act like one. I could go on and on about his mistreatment in the system and my run inns with the police, doctors, lawyers, nurses, solicitors and crazy girlfriends.

    I finally got him a mobile home through a tax sale with his money, however I put it in my name in order to keep him from finding a way to lose it. I was paying all of his bills, lot payment, phone, electric, phone and cable. He was able to save some and have pocket change. Food stamps took care of his food.

    When they did a certification interview I was asked if there were property in my name other than where I lived. My response was yes but it belong to my son. She said oh boy. In about two days they wrote me saying that I had too much assets and that my SSI was stopping and that I would have to pay for my medicare premiums and that I owed them $3444.00 over payment that they would recoup form my SSA.

    I asked for a reconsideration and was denied. I persisted and they finally turned in my paper for a hearing before a Administer Law Judge, I have appealed his decision and gone before the Administrative Counsel and appealed his decision. I filed suit in State Court however the recording of my hearing was lost so the case was remanded back to the same ALJ. It has taken four years and three months. I was told that the wavier for over payment he would grant. However he said the law is the law and the mobile home was considered mine.

    I kept excellent records of everything spent paid by check from his account including the bid for the mobile home, a statement from my son and nothing matters. My son was in the mobile home for about a year and then back into the jail then hospital. It took us, me and his dad a year to sell the home. then I was able to reapply for SSI.

    That was two years of not getting $195.00 a month, $39.00 a month repayments and paying medicare premiums for sometime. I am going to appeal his decision again for the other half of justice. My son said what does all of this have to do with me! He called from the mental hospital and complained that he should have had more money in the bank. I was investigated, they found no misconduct however social security said they would find him a better suited Payee. They put him in a group home for a few months once out of the hospital where food was slim and the bed had bugs he got $30.00 of his check. After being compliant for several months they allowed him to be his own Payee but since it took him more than three months to do it he did not get back pay.

    I tried to condense this as much as possible. All of this because I was disabled too and on SSI the rest was the result of him being none compliant and wanting to smoke pot. He is very sweet when stable. I know this can not be the first time someone with a disability had to be a representative payee because no one else want the job it came with being a mother. I can say that he has not hurt anyone in all this. He is paranoid schizophrenic and suffers from bipolar.

  31. Hi there… I received a call today that my disability was approved, but I would need a RP… I was very happy that I got approved the first go around.. My husband is going to be the payee… What I’m wondering about is that I will only get around 500.00 a month and that isn’t enough to even cover my medications since I have no prescription plan… But he is suppose to keep records of the things I need and such… If so much is suppose to be put back and the 500.00 doesn’t come close to what my meds cost and not to even include copays to my Drs and such, what would he do about that…

  32. My daughter lives in illinois and I just moved there from florida, she is mentally ill and has a payee. She lives in filth and a very bad nieghborhood. She has very little comforts at her apartment,ie….tv, bed, furniture. the stuff she does have she gets from friends or off the street. I asked her to ask her payee to see her account and where her money is going and the payee said,( I told you where your money is going and I do not have to show you your account) Is this right and what should I do?

  33. A payee is not allowed to reveal information about a disabled person to anyone, even the claimant’s mother. If you feel that the payee is not acting in your daughter’s best interest, you should contact your local Social Security office to ask them to investigate. Payees are required to file annual reports with Social Security.

  34. Georgina Hermsdorf says:

    I have been protective payee for a man with mental health issues who is receiving Social Security Benefits for them for the last years he has been of his meds and wont go to counseling for 3 years now and as a result he has been drinking and now I think he my be self medicating with speed, he intercepted the Direct Express card when it came in the mail I blame Social Security for that, in my opinion it should be standard to mail the card signature required and only the signature of the protective payee. Oh yes I live with him.
    If I try to take the card from him IT WILL GET UGLY, he may take of with the card leaving me to pay the rent and utilites which are in his name out of what I make at my job whih is part time 18 hours a week.
    I do not want to take the card from him to step on his independence or as he puts it keep him under my thumb I want the card to make sure the bills are paid he has his tobacco and a little money in his pocket.

  35. Georgina Hermsdorf says:

    He has a very big issue with having to have a protective payee,He pays the rent and utltlies but will sacrafice clean clothes, cleaning products etc so he has money for beer, this behavior is starting to affect h

  36. Carol Walton says:

    I am a RP for my mother’s SSI DISABLITY CHECK. We have a seperate checking account for this which I pay her rent, life insurance and some of her medications. However, I transer some of her funds in my account for her personal items, food, allowance and also for recreations to make sure I do not go over what is paid for her bills. I have an appointment for a SSI Disablity review. They want all bank statements which goes from August 2010 through 2013.. What should I expectt during this review?

  37. paula loyd says:

    the alj aproved my ssdi but says i have to have a RP, my question is if i wanted to take a trip with some of the back pay thats owed to me, can i get the money for the trip or can my RP say no to the trip.

  38. How does it take to switch from representative payee to self payee

  39. Cindy Koski says:

    My son who is now 19, received Social Security benifits for his deceased father who passed away when my son was 16. Since he lived with his father, his step mother became his representative payee. He turned 18 on January 4th but was not given access to his account until July 31st. Can he recoupe his money for those months or does the payee have the right to keep the money because he was still living with her? When he did gain access to his account, there was only $80.00 remaining out of almost $25,000.00. His payee knew he was going to college in the fall yet didn’t even attempt to save any money for him. I paid for all of his clothing, school needs, school trips and paid for all of his dental, medical, optical and persciptions. I also paid for pre college items for him, including a french horn he needed. After his first year of college, she kicked him out of the house with no notice. I know I am his mother but believe me when I say we are talking about a good kid. One that doesn’t get into trouble, gets excellent grades and is involved in the church. He wasn’t kicked out for being disrespectful or being a troubled teenager, he was kicked out because now that the money has stopped, she has no use for him. She did everything she could include lying to make sure my son stayed under her roof to get her hands on that money and she used it all with no regard to his future. My son trusted her and believed she would do the right thing. A huge lesson to learn. Now neither his step mother, nor the people he considered his family, have anything to do with him. He lost his father, he lost his money and he lost those that he thought cared about him. Those whom he intrusted with his future. The whole thing makes me sick. I don’t know what to do for him. I don’t know if there is anything that can be done. Please, if anyone can help in anyway, I would deeply appreciate any advice or guidance you can give me. sincereley C Koski

  40. I am payee for my 17 year old nephew and provide him with all essentials but it has been a constant fight when his money comes in that he wants to buy this and that sometimes I give in this last month I used 300 of his money to go out of town for a funeral. I told him I would give him it back as soon as we got it. Hes mad now because I didnt have it right away and says its his money and I have no right to use it is this true am I supposed to give him his money each month?

  41. I am the payee for my 82 yr old mother who lives with me. She pays her share of utilities, rent etc. to me, however I am wondering do I pay taxes on the money she pays me ?

  42. justin coon says:

    Can a payee kick my friends son out of my home just cuz he dont have a job he is 18 and never had a job but is trying to get one

  43. Terri, that is a question for a tax preparer – I’m sure that it comes up frequently.

  44. Joseph J Clancy Jr. says:

    I make $1353.00 per month I can take care of my money Joseph J Clancy Jr

  45. My father in law receives ssdi and has an individual payee. He gets about 1000 a month. His daughter works part time and makes about 750 a month. I am out of work at the moment. We just signed a lease and my father in law is the primary lessee and is responsible for paying the rent. How ever his payee refuses to pay the full rent and will only pay 1/3 of it. Between what I can scrounge up and what his daughter makes we can’t afford to pay 2/3 of the rent and pay for his storage and food (because she refuses to pay for any of that too) I don’t mean to be to blunt but can we nail her ass to cross in court or get the ss office to tell her to get fucked or do anything?

  46. I have two minor child that recieve SSI. I am their mother and repayee.

    One child’s ssi pays rent. The other child’s money pays the fifty dollars left from rent, a couple bills and their daycare expense. Since im paid twice a month most months, My wages pay the other bills, also it takes care of them. Food, clothing, toys. Family outings, school trips when offered, my weekly transportation back and forth to work.
    On September third, court proposed that I have legal physical custody of one child, and 50/50 custody with the father, for the other child. The father of the children is unemployed, resides with his mother.
    My question is can the judge order that I give half of that child’s money to the father.

  47. kathryn karch says:

    my daughter is moving into a group home. I have been her payee for almost two years. when she moves march 3 do i give the group home that check or does SSI pay a month behind making the Feb check mine how does that work

  48. My 63 y. o. son has a brain injury & resides under a ABI (acquired brain injury ) waiver in CT.
    The company where he resides for past 10 yrs. ( 24 * care ) has been appointed “Representative. Payee ”
    at my request.
    They receive monthly Soc. Sec. & VA benefits for him which pays his rent/food.
    I’m really not sure about what else, if anything is involved as I do know that he has Medicare , etc. ?
    Recently the company advised me that my son will no longer be receiving VA benefits as he owes the over $40,000.& my son will need to pay this back.
    Apparently the company ( Payee) was not tending to the proper paper work that the VA had been requesting.
    Does the Rep Payee have any responsibility for this ?
    My son cannot be involved due to his disability.
    Appreciate any suggestions, etc.

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