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About Jonathan Ginsberg

For over 20 years, my law firm and I have represented hundreds of deserving clients seeking Social Security disability benefits. I believe very strongly in the value of educating both clients and potential clients about how Social Security decides claims, mistakes to avoid, and proven strategies that work for various types of medical ailments.

Over the years I have recorded over 150 short videos that cover winning Social Security disability strategies. I publish an informative blog and I produce a podcast to spread my knowledge to anyone who is facing the difficult decision to label himself/herself as “disabled.”

In 2004 I recognized that Social Security’s disability application and appeal forms were far too difficult to navigate, so I wrote a book called the Disability Answer Guide to help claimants improve their chances at winning early on in the process.

I have also contributed to the Social Security for Dummies book, and I regularly speak at continuing education programs for lawyers seeking more knowledge about the Social Security disability practice area.

For the past 3 years, I have served as the Social Security disability faculty member at Solo Practice University, an online learning portal for lawyers nationwide, and I teach disability practice fundamentals to attorneys throughout the country.

I feel very strongly that hardworking men and women who have served their employers and paid their taxes should not have to fight so hard and for so long to recover the funds they have paid in, when they need that money the most. Unfortunately Social Security is a big, inefficient government bureaucracy and we have no choice but to play in their ballpark.

Still, knowing how SSA’s system works and what they need to approve your claim gives you a tremendous advantage. It is my privilege to offer my knowledge and experience and hopefully a little peace of mind to you and your family during this demanding process,



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