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If you are over 50, it is easier to get approved for benefits because of
"The Grid Rules" and how they apply.

When you apply for disability, Social Security evaluates your case using a very detailed set of rules called the grid rules. These rules are designed to help Social Security employees, no matter where they are located, evaluate every case in a uniform manner.

The premise of the grid rules is simple: Social Security recognizes that as you get older, you will have a more difficult time finding a job. Therefore, they apply a set of rules that favors those over 50 years of age.

More specifically, Social Security recognizes that employers are less likely to offer an entry level job to a man or woman aged 50 or older. (And, the less education you have or the fewer job skills you have, the harder it will be to find employment.)

These vocational realities are codified in the grid rules. The practical effect of the grid rules is to authorize a judge or adjudicator to find you "disabled" even if you can still do some level or work. (Read that sentence again because this is how the government views those over 50.)

Get a lawyer who knows all about The Grid Rules. (Hint: Ginsberg does!)

Notice the age of all the people approved in the case studies to your right (bottom if your on mobile). Specifically, they are all over over ago 50. This is a main qualifier for Grid Rules: Age.

If you are over 50, complete a FREE case evaluation below right now. It's your first step toward getting approved.

For over 25+ years, my law firm and I have represented hundreds of deserving clients seeking Social Security disability benefits.

I believe very strongly in the value of educating both clients and potential clients about how Social Security decides claims, mistakes to avoid, and proven strategies that work for various types of medical ailments.

How a savvy lawyer can help you get approved.

For my clients, I'm prepared to discuss "The Grid Rules" and how it applies to your case. By first knowing you qualify for the grid rules, we can take you condition or ailment and properly fit it into the grid rule you are best suited for. This increases your odds of success dramatically!

You'll see in Case Study #6
(right margin desktop / below mobile) where I suggested Grid Rule 201.14 would apply to my client's condition and the judge agreed. That's how Grid Rules works. And it could work this way for you too.


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