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Mistakes to Avoid and Tips for Winning: my Conversation with Stanley Denman

Social Security lawyer Stanley Denman
Attorney Stanley Denman

I recently reached out to my colleague attorney Stanley Denman, a Dallas – Ft. Worth, Texas disability attorney. This is a transcript of our conversation about mistakes to avoid and tips for winning disability claims.

Jonathan Ginsberg:  What are the biggest mistakes you have seen Social Security disability claimants in Texas make over the years?

Stanley Denman:  As you know, no one plans to be disabled, and few disability claimants have an experience with the process of applying for and winning social security disability benefits.  So it’s not surprising that disability claimants make a lots of mistakes – we all would! In my opinion, these are the biggest ones:

  • “Any lawyer will do.”  Texas disability claimants often hear that “you have to get a lawyer” to win disability benefits.  They wrongfully assume that the “J.D.” after the lawyer’s name is all that matters. Social security does not grant disability claims just because a lawyer is involved.  In fact, an inexperienced and inattentive lawyer can hurt more than help in winning a case.

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