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SSI Benefit Amounts for Current and Past Years

Here is a table showing SSI benefit amounts for 2013 and prior years:

Year                Individual payment                  Individual + eligible spouse

2013                   $710                                          $1066

2012                   $698                                          $1,048

2011                    $674                                          $1,011

2010                   $674                                          $1,011

2009                  $674                                           $1,011

2008                  $637                                           $956

2007                  $623                                           $934

2006                  $603                                           $904

56 thoughts on “SSI Benefit Amounts for Current and Past Years”

  1. I would like to know why the goverment just hands out the working class tapayers money to drug users and alcoholics who has never worked a day in their lives.Do you people ever do investigations on these people or just go through the motions? The people who need it get denied. The system needs overhauled and some new faces in goverment.In my opion Depression and bi-polar does not qualfy for goverment payments.I am tired of my tax dollars going to people who know how to manipulate the system to get money and get their drugs from goverment sponsed Methadone clinics.

    1. @Oran Ream Sr.:

      If you bothered to do some research you would’ve found out that people on drugs and alcohol were cut off of S.S.I. back in the early 90’s. So before people start shooting their mouth off about something they didn’t even bother to take 5 minutes to get some facts together, they should think twice before talking smack!!! I read some of these other comments and I didn’t know there were so many ignorant people in this world. You people act like alcoholics and drug addicts just walk into the Social Security Office and say hi,” I’m an addict or an alcoholic, can I have a check”? Some of you really need to get a life!!!

  2. This message is directed toward Oran Ream, Sr.

    I am a 26 year old mother of two and I have suffered from depression and bipolar disorder for since I was a child. First if you knew what bipolar disorder was you would not have made that comment. Some cases of bipolar disorder are very serious where you cannot keep a job because of your mood swings. I have bipolar disorder and I was fired because I had mood swings at work. So you should do your research first. I have worked since I was 13 I am entitled to my disability if I cannot work because of a mental illness. There are some people that use the system the way you say but not all. Look up bipolar disorder, most people can be treated and live normal lives but there are some that cannot.

    1. @Crystal L. Smith:
      Crystal, I completely agree with you. I have been diagnosed with bipolar a few years after 2003 when I got crohns disease. I think dealing with the stress of crohns and the steroid medicaitons brought it on plus heriditary maybe; have a cousin who is bipolar disorder I like myself. I have been struggling since 03 with many many jobs due to missing work, hospital admissions and visits and doctor appts due to crohns disease and bipolar (unabl eto handle my disease and my mental aptitude whatsoever) and have recently a month or two ago applied for disability for both illnesses among several others of osteperosis, severe carpal tunnel in both arms/hands; proctocolis, and ulcerative colitis, adhd and depression. I am mainly focusing on crohns and bipolar. Do you have any tips to help me win my case? I worked many many years and at fedex for 12 years but think my bipolar is what made me quit instead of dealing with the tough times at fedex, i just took severance package and walked out on good terms but since thne have had 8 to 10 jobs. I wrote all this in a letter to disability and am getting letters from doctors, friends, family and former coworkers and bosses that I can get letters from and keeping diary of crohns and a diary of bipolar that i just started this week. Do you think this will help me win my case? Will get an attorney if get turned down. I need this help financially so bad. please email me back if you can Thanks so much for sharing ur story on this site.

    2. @Crystal L. Smith:

      If you are that sick….how or why did you have childern? I work in healthcare and I have seen really sick people…and they dont have children. Why cant you go to a medical coder program and work from home….alone….on your computer?

  3. To Oram, I have had many different “flavors” of depression. One , I was so out of it that voices including my own were very low toned and slow. My head felt like someone kicked it 100 times.

    I dated a woman in 2002, her brother killed himself while we were dating, he had depression. She killed herself 3 years later, she suffered from depression.

    Maybe you should spend some time with a bi polar, then you would find other things to concern you.

  4. I know just how you feel I’m 23 years old and almost died with congestive heart failure I’m still fighting for my life and I was turned down!I don’t have anything I can’t work because my feet keep swelling up on me I can’t ever catch my breath even when I’m sitting down.I have 3 kids to look after you know I try my best to do everything in my power for them and when I read your note I can relate to what you are saying the people who needs it do get it and I know because I’m one of those people power to you for writing that if more people felt like you this would be a better world and fight!

    1. @Crystal:
      Crystal it sounds like you need a better lawyer. Congestive heart failure is serious. My lawyer doesn’t get paid unless I win a lump sum for back compensation.

  5. It takes about 3 years to get help. In the meantime the “honest” people with a mental condition, must hope someone will help them for the 3 years they are waiting.

    Its harder to get help when it’s a mental condition. So if you ever are in a position to where you need disability, I hope for your sake its a physical one. I don’t know that they consider alcholism alone a disability, its usually part of a bigger problem associated with depression, anxiety, etc… Be assured the government don’t just hand it out it’s a very long stressful drawn out process.

    Remember too, some did not have enough credits to recieve ssd, so must take ssi. I understand that there will always be people that cheat the system, but believe for the ones that don’t you would never want to be in there position.

    Oh. and by the way it’s even hard for people that have worked all their life to get what they have paid in.

    Good Luck to you and stay healthy.

  6. My name is Patrick. I am 29yrs old. I have worked since I was 16 yrs. old. I recently found out that for the past 13 yrs I have been struggling with Bipolar Disorder. You people do not realize the fight we go through every day to keep from exploding on people like you. I have extreme mood swings that sometimes last for days. In the last three years I have bounced from job to job because I get bored or swing at work. I do not have any respect for people that complain when you are probably one of those receiving benefits and have no need for it. That would make you a bigot.
    Pissed off..

  7. In regard to Oran Ream Sr.’s comment:

    You must not have any mental disorders or have anyone in your family that does. Otherwise you might understand these disorders a little. I have bi-polar disorder,severe social anxiety disorder, PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder, along with a slew of other problems.
    Do you have any idea what it is like to have these problems? NO you don’t or you wouldn’t have made such an ignorant statement. Have you ever had an anxiety attack just from trying to leave your home to go to a dr.’s appointment? Have you ever had to walk to your own front door 10-15 times before you can open it. Have you ever had flashbacks like mine of crawling over a dead body? You have no idea what it is like for people like me. Judge not less you be judged old man.

    As for the lady with the heart problems…Get a better lawyer. It sounds like you have a very serious medical condition and you should know what kind of stress there is in even applying for ssd/ssi. If you feel that you are truly disabled, then FIGHT for it. Do not lower yourself by talking trash about people whose disorders you do not understand.

  8. I just happened to see this website and it mentioned the SSI Benefits for 2008 for an individual as $631.

    I live in Ohio and my SSI in only $461.

    Does it vary in each state. I thought that each year there is an increase in SS, but I received a letter and I have a decrease. DOes this make any sense?

  9. i think that you all neeed to get a job like the rest of us and earn your money if your not older and sick, get off your ass and work

    1. @mystery: mystery I just found this siteand you are full of it and you no what i am talking about. before i was hurt i waek construction. we worked from 7am to 7pm 5 days aweek. if i could work i sure as hell would be. I made more money in 1 week than i do in a month. so don’t be telling me to get off my ass and get a job if i could i would. if the truth be told you don’t know what work is ..

    2. not everyone can I have MS, crowns, epilepsy i get grand malls plus depression it has taken me over 3 years to get disability. I also know someone that is blind and in a wheel chair for life would tell him to get off his wheel chair and go to work you should feel lucky you can work and NOT put those of us down that can not work and stop being so bitter because you can work and others can not. try having some compaction for your fellow man.

  10. my name i tia and i have a 2 year old daughter that has c.p. i have been fighting since three months after she was born to get some type of help for the care of my child and just like everyone else i was forced to get perfessional help. i totally can understand where everyone is coming from. we really cant be mad at how another person feels about s.s i have had depression since i was 14 and i am now 28 years old but when it comes down to me getting paid for depression and my daughter being paid for c.p. i will let them help her in any way possible i understand that some cases are bigger then others but for real we are all grown and should be able to deal with those type things without being paid what about the people who cant help themselves sometimes we have to think about others espeically the new generation of kids

  11. my last year to work was in 2001 but my employer did not show me working the last 2 years . i was told that because of that i am not eligibal for disability benefits. i have poor health. i suffer from fibromialgia, bi-polar depression, insomnia, and horrible anxiety. what if anything can i do to be considered for benefits? i also suffer from short term memory loss from an accident almost 6 years ago. i also suffer from herniated discs and bone spurs along with horrible degeneration of my discs. please tell me what i need to do. do i find a job and grin and bear it and if so how long would i have to work to be allowed to file for help? i need food stamps and whatever else i can get along with money to care for myself and 3 children. my husband and me are seperated and i cannot provide for my family. please help me. i am at such a loss.

  12. hey my name is anita i”ve been disabled since2003.they only went back to 2005.we did win mycase but if i read that letter right then they sound like there not giving all the back time i was won.i already lost my home because i didn,t get the back time at one time.i,m having so many problems.ihave no use of my left bank is doing me wrong on my first par payment someone stolled most of it…what can i do to get my money now because i d0 need it.can you tell me what to do please

  13. i,ve been disabled since 2003.but they only wentback to 2005.i lost my home and thjen i was living in my truck,because they didn,t send back my back time at one time i f they would of sent me my back time i wouldn,t be losing everything.i need money as soon as possible.i don,t have any feeling in my left at all ,my left is no good anymore.can you help me???????

  14. Dear Ignoramapotamus,
    I’m 44 y. o. I was diagnosed bi-polar at 23. I was an honor student and I have an I.Q. of 129. (At a REAL test center, from a psychiatrist). I’ve been working over 32 years (dairy farm for 2 years at 12 years old – talk about WORK. I’ve had over 50 jobs, yes over 50, since my diagnosis ALL in the same field. I’ve worked in Washington D.C., Baltimore, Harrisburg, York, whereever. If I don’t panic and quit because I think I’m going to get fired, I do get fired. I can’t breathe from anxiety. Pop a pill or 3. Now, I can’t focus. I’ve lived in 17 places, been married and divorced, lost my house, Harleys and horses, and managed to make my way to where I am now. ****ing exhausted. Just a little bit of stability would be great. I can’t send out another resume lie. I can’t take another interview. I can’t take the a-holes I have to work with. I tell them the truth. They don’t like that. So then they laugh at you, if you don’t just scare them. (So now I’m going to hurt them). I am now up to 7 meds, and I have tried and tried to keep working because my family is as stupid as you and doesn’t believe in Bi-Polar. There goes my support group. SO – when I go to work anxious, violent, angry, sad, crying, saying outrageous things (yeah, I follow politics), messing up work (I’m 9 jobs for the last 5 years)-I ask you. Have I tried hard enough? And, would you like to come work with me? BTW, I made $20 an hour. It’s a dangerous situation. I once thought of cutting my little toe off to kill the pain in my head. I’ve pulled my hair and punched myself. Still wanna work with me? I didn’t think so. And, I’m STILL smarter than you. So add frustration to the list. Now get off your ass and go to work. I’m sure you’re a lawyer or something, if not the guy who makes coffee at Starbucks.
    Don’t speak about things you know nothing, and I mean nothing about. By the way, my brother has cerebral palsy. Can’t walk or talk. But you can SEE that. He’s living on his own with a caregiver. My other 3 brothers are all highly successful. Add “loser” to the list of things I’ve been called. Want to work with me yet??????? You should have grown up in my house with the alcoholic Dad. Yeah, those troubles too, but I wouldn’t dream of laying them on you and your ilk. I don’t want to play your game anymore, and I’m taking the ball home with me. I’m DONE. And for the love of GOD, don’t feel sorry for me. I hate that most.

  15. In regards to what Suzy Phelps said; you are so right. I went through some of the same things you mentioned, have for 50 years. Out of all the jobs I’ve had and family members, I say what I think and what is on my mind because it is the truth. Lots of people won’t say whats on their mind in fear of loosing a job and being black balled, well been there, done that. There is another world living inside you and you get judged for it, you still work fighting off actions from ingorant people, sarcastic, evil ploting people, that try to get even with you because they don’t like something you said, and half the time if it was not for them, you would never have said it in the first place, because they are the ones trying to be smart or trying to be head houccha, well that another story, but I do agree with you totally on your down to earth truth, at and work place , thanks for that. Belinda

  16. I am also Bipolar and suicidal young woman. For the longest time I still could function hold a job, get high marks in college but “lost” it. I was prescribed Prozac even though I told them I was bipolar and they basically said not to worry. Well two months later I went manic and completely crazy. Despite not sleeping much and figured it was stress due to Nursing school. Nope it just got worse and I ended up flipping out and losing my job due to behavior. Also I quit Nursing school and almost killed myself because my life went down hill. Well it’s been a year and I managed to have a couple of jobs and yes its risky because my moods tend to get me in trouble. At worst I am cocky, and extremely delusional. I tend to get confused and fabricate things, yes this means I lie and actual believe it Pathological lol. This is NO way to live. My parents and boyfriend aren’t happy I applied for SSI and basically said it was for lazy people. This hurts because I don’t want to be labeled lazy. I am a 3.8 student but break myself every semester trying to get all A’s. Towards the end of the semester nobody wants to be around me. Bipolar people can be very brilliant but bottom line is we don’t fit well in society. Were too extreme. I just hope I find the right meds because apparently I am too functionable but if you met me, you instantly know I am out there.

  17. Beautifully put. People who generalize and stereotype are really the root to all of the hurt and dysfunction in our society today. The pain that their ignorance causes others . . . SSI was originally introduced for a reason – I would like to think a good one. Shouldn’t we assume that there are still SOME people who truly need it? Or should we just generalize that everyone is just lazy. Reat “The Myth of Laziness” Good book. Or the Motivation Breakthrough by Mel Levine. No one is lazy. Everyone is motivated to do every single thing that they do (or don’t do.) Maybe this person should be on her knees thanking God that she is able to make a living. I can’t imagine there are too may people who could perist as you have. You are unbelievable. You deserve more than measley SSI. You have much to contribute with your life experience. Maybe you should be a motivational speaker 🙂

  18. I am NEW to all of this Disability thing, Never thought that I would be where I am today. I am a divorced, single mom with two children. In November of 2008 (at age 31) I was diagnosed with Several Rare Spinal Deformities. Klippel-Feil Syndrome, Platybasia, Sprengle’s Disease, Congenital Fusion of C1 & C2 also C5,6 and 7—this limits the rotation of my neck and causes numbness of the extremities. I also have Kyphosis and a few other conditions. All of these stemed from being decatipated at birth. I recently (June 2009) signed up for disability. I am curious if the disability covers just me (or) might I receive more because of raising two minor (non-disabled) children? Also…Is it true that EVERYONE gets denied on their first try for disability?——-Just Curious, Tonya

  19. My name is Kimberly im 30 yrs old my illness started off with what my doctor thought was Bi-polar disorder.until 2001 i died i committed suicide the doctors were able to revive me,my 4 yr old found me passed out on the floor and called 911 and he went across the street to get help.2004 i beat my sister severely and couldnt remember a thing thats when the doctors discovered i had schizophrenia.i got worse over the year i was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and copd lungs disease also sleep apnea i stop breathing 20 times per hour,fibromyalgia severe asthma followed and carpal tunnel syndrome and potello femoral disease .i was told over and over to get on ssi but i was too proud i tried to work got fired from 3 jobs in 6 months finally i decided to apply in 2008 i was denied in july 2009 i appealed and won fully favorable the people that handled my case when i was denied the judge sent a letter stating it was a bad mishap i should have never been denied thanks to my lawyer i got justice another case of someone really needing the help so dont just assume everyone that has a mental disorder doesn’t need the help.

  20. i agree but on the other hand iam bypolar to with ptsd, and psychotic tendencies but i still work only to days a week,it doesnt keep me from having a life yeh, they should be more thurough on these people who do drugs and drink i say get up off your lazy buts and earn your own da gon money.

  21. I agree too. I’ve been severely abused by my step dad from the time I was 4 yrs. old, and been diagnosed with chronic anxiety, bipolar depression, and post traumatic stress disorder. I’ve spent my life trying to hold a job since age 17, and couldn’t hold one because of my mood swings, and panic attacks. I’ve tried to apply for ssi since I was 18, and was denied over and over again because they thought that my condition wouldn’t last more than 12 months, but it indeed lasted for years. I applied again at age 34 and finally got it because they saw on my record that I had no stable job history, and my condition. I didn’t know that I was sappose to appeal until I got it. Also, you have to see a psyciatrist (for meds), and also see a pychologist at the same time for therapy. This helps your case more to win. Good Luck!!!

  22. Oran Ream Sr.
    Your comment is ridiculous and so are you.
    I have been married to a woman who has suffered from
    being Bi-Polar since 1980. I assure you that she not only deserves her SSD but should have applied years ago. Instead she has suffered through several job losses and many hospitalizations due to pyscotic behavior. Just recently she had open heart surgery to repair two valves and ended up with a pace maker as well. She applied for her SSD in April 2008 and was approved last week. Thank God! She worked 30 years in several jobs and I believe she paid into the system enough to keep the burden off your azz Oran!
    I suggest you do some research concerning this disorder and keep your comments to yourself until you are educated! You obviously KNOW NOTHING about mental conditions. Frankly, by the sounds of your ridiculous uneducated comment you may need to get some help yourself.

  23. denied , living in harsh envirement cannot work , im labeled as bipolar , but denied , im stuck , i want to die cause living is intolerable

    i cant get a h.s diploma because i owe 150$ on my transcripts, i dont have the money , im about to be on the streets and i did a half way house once and they wanted me to work so i went back to where im living now

    you wouldnt believe the poverty i live in , im surprised this is happening in the united states of america.

    im 26 i plan to kill my self when im 27 i just want to die at 27 like alot of my favorite famous people.

    bipolar i believe its demons in my head , and i think the whole world is possessed i figured if i got ssi i can throw 800$ at what ever bothers me until the devil leaves and i can work again but im dieing and ssi has denied my bipolar for 4 years

  24. This is directly to Mr. Oram
    I don’t blame you for feeling like that ’cause I was just like you before, I found out that my son has bipolar disorder. Trust me, it is not easy for a person to have bipolar disorder as I’ve witnessed and took care of my son to this day. You will never realize until it happens to you or your immediate family. It happens in 2007, when my son walked out the house @2:00am and went missing in DC not knowing he’s been suffering Bipolar 1 manic depression while vacationing with his relative. I live in other State and so I contacted the police in DC to help find my son. I lost 14 lbs in a week time. Just imagine that. I also messed work not to mention the plane ticket I purhased on the spot when we found him to fly back home. he has been hospitalized for almost a month. He went back to work for 3 months and I thought he was fine. He went to Chicago for vacation in 2008, then he has an attached again. He went missing in the street of Chicago. I called police again to help fine my son. I purchased a plane ticket to fly him back home but in the airport he had manic, anxiety and panic attack and police handcuffed him thought he was a terrorist. But the finally figured out and took him to the nearest emergency care center. To this day, we are still receiving an enormous bill from the collection agency. I have no other alternative, my savings are gone so I applied SSI for him. It has just recently approved

  25. my diagnosis is ptsd and depressive d.o I put my hearing in abril 2009 and I send evidence to my case physician documents to the ALJ is possible I win

  26. since dec.2008 i have gotton the run around from s.s.a. congressmen,attorneys,hoping i would give up on a case they have bundle up so bad .but i refused to even my daughters have asked me to persue this to the end .i have all kind of proof to prove my case .the last year all they tell me it is in the payment center well it has been there since they sent me the letter stating that the $13,500 my ex souse and deadbeat father defrauded from the s.s.a. on behalf of my children he never spent a dime on proven by them (s.s.a.)serval times over .even though i have watched them let him not only an ex felon continue to deceive them they willing committed a crime against me and my children of abuse in the worst way .so please if there any lawyer who willing to help me put an end to my 12yr. injustice i would be very greatful.since 1990 i have raised three productive adults ,put them thrugh high school ,college, 2 married with familys of their own did i mention that became disabled myself in 2002 ,fought until 2005 for my own disabilty ,and i still continue to struggle on .they (s.s.a.)i feel owe me and my kids this money with interest ,they allowed this to continue for this long.we went hungry a lot of days .

  27. from what it sounds like it takes way to long to get dissability, what are you suppose to do if no one will help you just be homeless? People with mental illnesses like bipolar disorder should be takin care of immediatly it can be a life threatening condition when your brain malfunctions and causes you to feel fatigue and full of rage. Its not hat persons fault its a chemical embalance in the brain like a lack of ceratonin kinda like when someone lacks vitamin C they bruise easy

  28. Mr. Oram and mystery are ignorant and incapable of empathy. They don’t know how our lives are not functional, even in our own homes. They don’t know what true disability feels like. I have many chronic disabling conditions, and if it not for my parents the past year, I would have been homeless and most likely dead. It is easy to be a nameless faceless coward, and more valiant to be vulnerable and put yourself out there.

  29. Its not a matter of agreeing its a matter of downt right corruption on the highest scale of coorperate America.Our own United States Government is allowing drug users,substance abusers, and illigal imagrents taking advantge of the system.Linda Hargrave is a serious victim of this wide spread scandel.We are all appalled at what is really going on with our own country that our for fathers fought so hard for all of thier childrens freedom. If there is any souls out there left in the world that could possibly help me out please get me a lawyer or a organization that can fight for whats left of our rights here in America please help all of our children before its too late.

  30. I have to laugh when I hear ignorant people speak, yet I know their plight. Just this morning, my son, in an attempt to get me out of my house rut, suggested I drive him to school. On the way there he wanted to stop at the store. There were a total of 4 people in the store, 2 were workers. When the lady spoke with her loud ignorance I about went through the roof and had to take a moment to ask my son if she was as loud as I thought she was. He thought she was loud, but what he and I hear are different cause I hear things even louder. This alone triggered me to try to run someone off the road on the way to his school. I’ve been trying to calm down ever since, but my brain won’t calm down. Oh what’s my claim? Bipolar schizoaffective, PTSD, Severe Anxiety and I will and do kick anyone’s ass that tests my patience. It’s a thing and they don’t even have to know they’ve done it. Have I drank in the past? Sure, but does that make me any less of what my diagnosis is? Nope. You take your anger out on people you don’t know, but I’ll do it to your face and won’t think twice when I see black due to you talking back. I don’t give a flying frick what your opinion or judgement is of me cause I live in my own reality (which it seems you do as well) BY YOU I MEAN THE IGNORANT, in case you didn’t know. Mental specialness is real, and no I won’t call it an illness cause the stigma won’t help me any. I’m special and I’d love to try and work with any freak that thinks they can handle me, just cause I love ignorant dorks. There’s always a way to change someone’s opinion, but maybe the person placing the blame should stop their own addictions before they talk about anyone else’s. bwahahahahahahahah

  31. im bipolar and 23. been diagnosed with it since 20. been diagnosed with severe anxiety since 15. havent ever bern able to work at a place for more than a month without having a mental breakdown. applied for ssi in january. just got a letter in mail requesting an appointment with an ssi dr. for mental examination…. do you think ill get ssi? plus i was in a pshycward for two daysbecause of my disorder.

  32. my names kyle and i am 20 yrs old i have a brain tumor that has grown and theres nothing to do about it i cant work,cnt sleep,get severe headaches that make me sleep 20 hrs out of 24 i cant get hit in the head i been threw chemothearapy for a yr and a hlf to stop the growth of the tumor and i have to go back on it. so all u retards that think most of us that get ssi think we r playin the system get a life you rich ignorant ppl ur tax dollars went to george bush he stole it from the goverment to support his life wants and needs and to fund 2 wars we nvr should of been in. so blame his srry ass

  33. Barring organic brain syndrome, “crazy is a choice”. The vast majority of folks on SSi-mental are fakes and grifters; king-babys who demand the nipple and refuse to accept adult responsibilities. When the etiology shows a physical cause or causes, aid is warranted. When a perverse disinclination to accept the role of a responsible adult is
    discovered, aid must stop.The Feds don’t see it that way, and they are fast developing a cast of tens of millions for their Dependency Day celebrations.

    1. @white tiger – your statement is absurd and insulting to those who have mental health disorders arising from mental, physical or sexual abuse, or who have undergone a trauma. Would you call a combat soldier who suffers with PTSD “crazy by choice?”

  34. I am 19 and have Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder,OCD, Severe Anxiety, personality issues, and Seasonal Affective Disorder and some other things. I was diagnosed as all of that when I was 13 I can not work. I am according to my doctor permanently disabled and the farthest thing to working I have done is starting to fill out applications but had to quit because I start freaking out really bad and start being bipolar and hearing voices and get anxiety. I can’t even go to family parties without freaking out and either getting paranoid or anxious or psychotic or all 3. I almost always hear voices especially when I am tired or stressed out and feel that I have to cut myself to relieve the mental torture that is mental illness. I am waiting for a reply from Social Security as I have been denied once but have appealed my case.

  35. my name is tonya graves i was on social sercurity benifits the whole time my mother was living then when she past in 1999 they cut me off then when i went to reapply they denied me cause they said i had to have a payee then when i found a payee she took all of my money from me and told me she had it in an account the whole time she was lying and she also put me out the house.So then i went to the main building and told them they supposed to investagated and i never heard from them in years so my question is what can i do about it.

  36. First let me say, (for those who think that they may have it all figured out), struggling with a bipolar disorder is nothing healthy for a work enviornment if s/he struggles with rapid cycles of that disorder. Trust me, I know. I struggle with anxiety, depression and bipolar all in one! No i dont receive a check, but if i’m not content with my problems on the outside, then I tend to bring those problems to work causing me to “set it off” on someone or to be annoyed to the point I may hurt someone elses feelings. Therefore, income seems to be a little bit harder for me to receive because I can’t hold a job or control my anger issues. Medication is prescribed, but believe me, taking Lithium and being at a job-sight isn’t a great combo if you know what I mean. That’s why the it’s necessary for SSDI for bipolar disorders are necessary! We want a normal life just like everyone else but the illness that I have seems to interfer with my wants and goals…

  37. I worked since I was 14! at age 21 I was diagnose with BP. I was told to get help but I said why do I need to be lazy! Well I am 27 now..3 kids later, married, been fired from 20+. I have severe paranoia, I sleep 2 hours a day, 2 suicide attempts..have an anxiety attack every time I do grocery shopping because I think the whole store is starring at me. Did I mention I was in the army too!! Well it took a mixed manic episodes everyday..cutting wrist..telling my husband that I hated being married n one overdose suicide attempt and all the above to admit I am BIPOLAR. Now I have applied for SSD because I can’t work and make enough. Even thoughbmy husband makes killing money..I feel I am entitle to my benefits( THAT I PAID) at least til I get treatment..which is going to be a minute.

  38. Unfortunately it is very difficult to separate the charlatans from the truly needy. I have suffered from depression since I was fifteen years old. My mood swings are apparently very noticeable to those around me, but completely oblivious to me. I managed to graduate at the top of my class and subsequently earned several degrees. At times I will go into uncontrollable rages and on other occasions I will not shower or speak to anyone for a week or more. Of late I have begun hearing voices, fortunately they did not ask me to do things; I hope they never do. It is very frustrating to have to consider living on such a meager allowance from the government; but what else can you do? You can only expect so much aid from family and friends, after all, they have lives to lead as well. Words cannot describe the rage I feel when I see illegal immigrants, their children, and addicts being given a subsidy for engaging in reckless behavior. How many times have you heard people bragging about how they lied and got ssi or ssdi? I have also suffered from scoliosis and back pain since my early teens. People with real back pain work through the pain while others, usually age 40 or less, make up stories so they won’t have to work. The really sad part is what will we do when the money runs out? Good luck finding a job and telling a potential employer you haven’t held a job in over a decade due to mental illness. I believe these programs were a good idea initially; they were just abused as time progressed. I feel a great deal of empathy for people who actually can’t work or even leave their place of residence. These are the people who seem to have the hardest time qualifying for govt. programs. Near where I live a man repeatedly sought mental health counseling. He told them something bad was going to happen if he didn’t get help. He was turned away because of budgetary restraints. He later attacked two women and killed one. At his trial he told the survivor that he would like to say that he was sorry, but it would be a lie, since he is incapable of feeling anything. In reference to an earlier poster, I have scored over 160 on an IQ test. During some manic phases I feel driven to work on differential equations and math connected with electrical engineering. To the posters and readers of this forum, do what you think is best. Don’t give up after denials, but be prepared for the day when there are no more checks and you will only have yourself upon which to rely.

  39. Hello im really in need of help i have high blood pressure and high cholesterol and have been diagnosed with severe depression disorder and as well as bi polar disorder my primary care phsyician is Dr.Tina williams at georgia clinic in norcross ga and she refered me to a free phychiritrist and mental health doctor at ga mental health clinic on georgia bel court in norcross ga its free for me cause im on unemployment and i qualified for state to pay cause i have no insurance or health insuance and all i have to pay is 5 dollars for each prescribtion.Im on my last week of unemployment my stress is gettn worse no company will hire me cause of my disorders and i cant pass a physical. i tried in past but was denied for social and food stamps beneifts please help me im about to burst if i dont get help soon heres my phone number if u have any questions my name is Cale E. Stone look to hear from u soon. (678)949-8494 thanks

  40. I am receiving social security for permanent medical disablity determined by a qualified physician in the state of north dakota from automobile accident that did not cause a bipolar disorder.

  41. why do so many people think that a whole bunch of fakers are milking the system? Who started that rumor and spread it around? Was it Fox news?

    1. Social Security disability is a target because in a program this big there are people who game the system. Cases where dishonest claimants get caught end up on the news. One of the major networks – I believe it was CBS or ABC did a story several years ago about claimants with drug abuse problems and SSA responded by changing its rules to disallow benefits for claimants where drug or alcohol abuse was a material contributing factor to disability. I have never seen any story on Fox News about the Social Security disability program.

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